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Also known as a breather valve, a two-way pressure relief valve automatically equalizes positive and negative pressures in a sealed shipping container, enclosure, or vessel — protecting the cargo inside. These pressures may result from changes in temperature, barometric pressure, or elevation during transport or storage. Even though you can’t control the elements, a breather valve controls the pressure.

Safety is a top priority when we design our valves, so you know your project is in good hands. All of our pressure relief valves are 100% tested in both directions for cracking pressure and reseal pressure. We build valves that open consistently at the desired pressure, no matter how low, and reach a high flow rate quickly. Our valves also reseal reliably, providing a solid defense against the elements.

It’s important to protect the people outside a container or vessel, too. Breather valves normally include a press-button manual relief feature to allow the internal pressure to be equalized so that the user can easily and safely open a door or cover.

If a breather valve is overkill for your project, our other valves will fit the bill. Our one-way pressure or vacuum relief valves are perfect for when you require pressure relief in one direction.