SP2001 EMI Nut

Our SP2001 EMI shielding nut is compatible with our 2-inch valves with a 2-18 UNS-2A thread, such as the BV2000. It can be used with two-way breather valves or one-way pressure or vacuum relief valves to protect from the effects of EMI (electromagntic interference). The design optimizes air flow while helping to maintain electrical continuity with the enclosure.
The SP2001 nut replaces the standard mounting nut and washer that comes with our valves and makes contact with the interior wall of the enclosure. The inside surface of the shelter should be electrically conductive so the nut can form a part of the faraday cage and dissipate radiation into the shelter wall.
The optional gasket may provide additional protection by improving the electrical contact between the nut and the enclosure wall.
Install using our 100579 Universal Installation Tool.


  • Diameter: 2 in
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Housing Finish: RoHS-Compliant Chem Film
  • Optional Seal: Monel-filled silicone
  • Compatibility: Any valve with a 2-18 UNS-2A thread such as the BV2000, PR2001, PR2002 and VR2000

Drawing   3D Model





Part NumberConductive Gasket
SP2001-1No Gasket
SP2001-2Gasket Included

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