MXC-56789 Maximum Humidity Indicator Card

MXC-56789 Maximum Humidity Indicator Card

Like the MX-56789, the MXC-56789 Maximum Humidity Indicator Card records the peak relative humidity (RH) experienced in a contained space, from 50% RH to 90% RH in increments of 10%. Each humidity indicator spot is made of a blue crystal that will dissolve to show a larger blue spot when exposed to its labeled RH level for a period of 24 hours or longer. The maximum RH experienced in the storage location is indicated by the highest dissolved indicator spot on the card. These indicator spots are irreversible, meaning that once the humidity indicator crystals are dissolved, a new humidity indicator card will have to replace it.

The MXC-56789 differs from the MX-56789 in that it also includes a reversible humidity indicator strip that allows a reading of the current RH from 10% RH to 90% RH.

Product Sheet
  • Dimensions: 4½x4½ in
  • Card Style: Irreversible 50-90% Spot, Reversible 10-90% Strip



P/N 24876327679
Dimensions 4½x4½ in
Packaging 25 cards per gallon
Packaging Weight 2 lb per gallon
Humidity Card Style Irreversible 50-90% Spot
Reversible 10%-90% Strip
Unopened Shelf Life 1 year minimum
Opened Shelf Life 6 months
Storage Recommendation Store in a cool, dry location