MX-56789 Maximum Humidity Indicator Card

MX-56789 Maximum Humidity Indicator Card

The MX-56789 Maximum Humidity Indicator Card records the peak relative humidity (RH) experienced in a contained space, from 50% RH to 90% RH in increments of 10%. Each humidity indicator spot is made of a blue crystal that will dissolve to show a larger blue spot when exposed to its labeled RH level for a period of 24 hours or longer. The maximum RH experienced in the storage location is indicated by the highest dissolved indicator spot on the card.

The MX-56789 is not reversible, meaning that once the humidity indicator crystals are dissolved, a new humidity indicator card will have to replace it.

Product Sheet



P/N 25359827679
Dimensions 4½x3 in
Packaging 50 cards per gallon
Packaging Weight 3.2 lb per gallon
Humidity Card Style 50-90% Spot
Unopened Shelf Life 3 years minimum
Storage Recommendation Store in a cool, dry location