Container Dri II Adhesive Backed

Container Dri II Adhesive Backed

Container Dri II is a calcium chloride/starch desiccant which can absorb up to 3 times its weight in moisture. Container Dri II is a 125-gram bag made from Tyvek with an adhesive back that can be placed throughout the interior of shipping containers, barges, and rail cars for protection from humidity and condensation.


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Bag Material Tyvek
Desiccant Type Calcium Chloride/Starch
Usage Recommendation 20-ft Container: 32 bags
40-ft Container: 64 bags


Size (gram) Stratotech P/N Bag Size (inch) Bags Per Container Container Weight (lbs)
125 25189927684 5.75 x 10.25 64/carton 21
125 25420727684 5.75 x 10.25 72/carton 21
125 25189927696 5.75 x 10.25 384/drum 140