BV4000 Two-Way Pressure Relief Valve

  • Diameter: 4 in
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Housing Finish: Black Anodized
  • Seals: Neoprene
  • Standard Cracking Pressure: 0.25 ± 20% psid
  • Flow Rate: 100 scfm @ 0.90 psid

Drawing   3D Model

Although the BV4000 two-way pressure relief valve was developed for large, sealed shipping containers, it can be used for any application that requires pressure and vacuum relief and a high flow rate. One valve provides enough air flow for an internal volume of 833 ft3. An aluminum shield is provided to prevent intrusion of water during spray-down as well as wind-driven sand, dust, and rain. To manually equalize container pressure, the valve can be opened by pressing the button in the center of the shield. The valve is installed using the included spanner mounting nut.




Part NumberCracking Pressure (psid)Reseal Pressure (psid)Pressure Flow Rate (scfm @ psid)Cracking Vacuum (psid)Reseal Vacuum (psid)Vacuum Flow Rate (scfm @ psid)
BV4000-025-0250.250.15100 @ 0.600.250.15100 @ 0.90
BV4000-05-050.500.35100 @ 0.900.500.35100 @ 1.30
BV4000-05-0750.500.35100 @ 0.900.750.35100 @ 1.50

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