One-Way Pressure Relief Valve Description

Pressure relief valves relieve excessive pressure or vacuum from building up inside a sealed container. At Stratotech, we offer a number of different one-way pressure relief valves for storage containers, oil industry products, & mobile refrigeration.

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One Way Pressure Relief Valves

Also known as safety relief valves or breather valves, pressure relief valves open at preset pressures. The function of a pressure valve is to discharge fluid until the pressure reduces to an acceptable level. Initially, the purpose of creating the valve was to avoid extra pressure coming from a steam-powered digester. The pressure relief design has a suspended weight by its lever. The valve opens as soon as the steam pressure is more than the weight on the lever arm.

The main purpose of the valve is to prevent excessive vacuum or pressure in sealed containers. Some one-way pressure relief valves also can blow sand, water, and dust from entering the containers.

What are One Way Pressure Relief Valves and How Do They Work?

Also known as check valves, one-way pressure relief valves can be confusing for some people to understand. However, their function is quite straightforward. They prevent the buildup of pressure in a system, which would otherwise cause the system to stop working. You can often find these valves on evacuation slides, boats, etc. How the valve directs the buildup of steam, gas, etc. pressure depends on the mechanism, you choose. You can pick from automatic and manual ones.

In a system where liquid or gas pressure is constantly building, you are working with maximum allowable working pressure. Beyond this allowable pressure, the system will stop working or malfunction. That’s where a one-way pressure relief valve plays a crucial role.

They are perfect for preventing reverse flow (backflow) by allowing flow in a singular direction. One-way pressure relief valves continue working even if a plant facility loses electricity, air, or the person who manually operates them.

How to Choose the Right One Way Pressure Relief Valve

You should consider quite a few factors to choose the right one-way pressure relief valve. Despite their common use in fluid and gas vessels, not many people know the exact aspects to look at when buying one. Having some basic information regarding the valves can be a great help.

Size and type are the first considerations before you buy one-way pressure relief valves. Make sure the valve you are buying performs the following functions.

  • Adjust flow
  • Backflow prevention
  • Pressure relief
  • Mix flow
  • Divert flow
  • Shut off flow

Also, make sure that you choose a valve made with materials compatible with your requirements. Based on the nature of the job they perform, you are better off with metal valves instead of plastic ones. However, plastic valves can prove to be more useful in some cases.

The right one-way pressure relief valve will meet the requirements of rapid decompression and also perform the pressure relief task. Another important factor to consider while purchasing the valve is the volume inside the container on which you want to use the valve. Moreover, some valves work for systems with only certain types of gases. For example, you might find a one-way pressure relief valve that works for clean air only.

Last but not least, look for the seals on the valve. Some common seal materials include neoprene and silicone. You will pick one that best serves your purpose.

One Way Pressure Relief Valves We Offer at Stratotech

We, at Stratotech, have a decent variety of one-way pressure relief valves. They come in handy for a variety of situations. Mentioned below are the kinds of valves that we offer at Stratotech: