Observation Window Description

Observation windows are most commonly installed on a container wall providing a clear view of the contents without needing to open the container. Because they are easy to install, this makes them a popular choice for visual inspections.

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Observation Windows 

You have a container of product in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.  You want to check the integrity of the product periodically to make sure it’s still good without having to break the seal on the container.  An Observation Window installed on your container is the solution.

What are observation windows? What are they used for? 

Observation windows are a small round, metal or nylon piece, with a clear window that is installed on the side of your container or packaging.  It’s often screwed in, with one piece of the window on each side of the container. It’s sealed in place to ensure the contents of the container are kept in the ideal environment of your choosing.  You can see through it and shine a light in to observe what is stored inside your container.

How to choose the right observation window 

Choose a window large enough to see into the container clearly.  Choose the material and seal type to ensure an air and water-tight seal.  Often, a window is installed on either side of the container, one to look through and one to shine a light into.  This can be for visibility, or for the secondary purpose of seeing if the container has a load in it.

What observation windows we offer at Stratotech 

Stratotech’s observation windows are easy to install on container walls.  There are two to choose from.  One is 1-inch in diameter, made of aluminum with a clear anodized finish.  It has a neoprene seal to ensure contents inside the container are not compromised and that the pressure is held up to 10 psi.  It is compliant with Mil-Std-2073-1 Method 50 and AS262860 standards.  The second is 4-inches in diameter, made of nylon with a natural (black) finish.  It has a silicone seal and holds pressure up to 10 psi as well.  Check out the product specifications to see which window fits your needs.