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  • Oxy-Guard sachets are oxygen absorbers, which absorb oxygen in packaged foods to maintain taste and freshness. Since oxygen is detrimental to packaged foods, these packets prolong shelf life and maintain quality for a longer period to help reduce food waste. These iron-based packets can guarantee an oxygen level less than 0.01% during the intended shelf life; this level is reached within 24 hours at normal temperature. Sachets in an open bag must be used within 1 hour. Oxy-Guard complies to the US Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 and CFR 170-199, meaning it is approved by the FDA to be in direct contact with food. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the oxygen absorbing agent, Oxy-Guards are shipped in airtight packs that reside in their carton. Once one of these packs are opened, it is recommended that all of the sachets in that bag are used within one hour.