Data center cooling

Data Centers

One-way pressure relief valves, including our PR2001, PR5002, or PR5005 valves, can be used to relieve pressure in two-phase cooling systems found in modern data centers.

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Shipping containers

Shipping Containers & Transit Cases

Hermetically-sealed shipping containers require two-way breather valves to equalize pressure changes that occur during transport and storage. One-way pressure relief valves also help with rapid decompression requirements for your container.

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Defence Systems

Defense Systems

Our team has developed several custom valves for use in advanced defense systems. These valves are often very small and require precise pressure control, such as our BV1011 and BV1012 valves.

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Environmental chambers

Industrial 3D Printers & Environmental Chambers

Our one-way and two-way valves (depending on the specific application) are used in industrial metal 3D printers to protect sensitive components from damage due to over-pressurization.

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Shelters & enclosures

Shelters & Enclosures

Military shelters have used Stratotech valves for decades. These valves operate at or around 1.0 inch of water pressure, aid in opening and closing doors, and protect the enclosure structure during air transport.

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Purge 6000 Series

Clean Air Purge Systems

One-way pressure relief valves, such as our PR2001 or PR2002 valves, are used in enclosures with purge systems to help maintain positive pressure and protect against overpressurization.

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