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Breather valves are an essential part of a well-designed refrigeration unit such as refrigerated delivery trucks and vans, walk-in coolers, and refrigerated shipping containers. Differential pressures can develop in these sealed systems due to changes in temperature and the opening and closing of doors. These pressures can cause damage to hinges, door latches, and seals as well as make it difficult to open and close the door. The installation of one of our pressure-relief valves will help protect the system and make it easier to use.

Shipping Containers

Process Equipment

Our breather valves are used by the pharmaceutical industry in their depyrogenation tunnel equipment to sterilize glass vials during the filling process.

Shipping Containers


Our 414 Breather valve and our 391 Breather Valve are used on electronic control cabinets aboard military surveillance aircraft to protect the crew in the event of a rapid decompression event. Without provisions to relieve the sudden differential pressure of 8.3 psi in 0.5 seconds, the airtight enclosures would explode risking the lives of those on board.

A manual relief feature is also provided to allow for the equalization of pressure inside the enclosure to assist in safe access to the cabinet internals.

Shipping Containers


Our line of 556 valves, which are available in various pressure and cover configurations, are used extensively in the military shelter industry. The valves serve multiple functions. First they provide pressure relief for the otherwise destructive differential pressures that develop during air transport. Once on the ground, differential pressures occur due to changes in ambient temperature, barometric pressure, and when doors are opened and closed. Pressure-relief valves help protect seals, sensitive electronic instruments, and the shelter structure from damage.

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

Reusable shipping containers that are used to transport and store sensitive

Reusable shipping containers are sealed systems designed to protect sensitive equipment from damage due to the ingress of moisture, sand, dust, and other foreign object debris. A controlled-breathing container is one that utilizes automatic breather valves to equalize destructive differential pressures, both positive and negative, that develop due to changes in temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude. A container design that incorporates breather valves requires less structural reinforcement and therefore allows considerable weight savings as well as a reduction in packaging cube.

To aid in the opening of a shipping container, breather valves often include a manual relief feature to equalize residual differential pressure.

Use our Flow Calculator to choose the correct breather valve for your shipping container application.

Shipping Containers

Clean Air Purge Systems

Critical electronic systems like the process control systems used in oil refineries must be kept in a clean environment free of airborne contamination. To accomplish this, the system is housed in a sealed enclosure with a one-way pressure relief valve and a clean compressed-air or nitrogen source to create a positive differential pressure relative to the outside of the enclosure. The valve is set to a precise pressure that ensures no contamination enters the cabinet while protecting the structure from damage due to over-pressurization.