Stratotech specializes in Pressure Relief Valves & Vacuum Relief Valves under 10 psi.

Standard products for most applications.

Custom designs for nearly any set of requirements.


Once you provide us with your requirements, our engineers will determine if one of our standard products will work for your application. If you have special requirements, we will create a new configuration of an existing product or a completely new design.

Two-Way Pressure

Relief Valves

Our two-way pressure relief valves, also known as breather valves, have proprietary design characteristics that ensure the valve opens, or “cracks”, at the desired pressure and provide significant flow rate at lower differential pressures.

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One-Way Pressure

Relief Valves

One-way pressure or vacuum relief valves can be used if it is unnecessary or undesirable to relieve pressure in both directions.

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We offer a growing collection of accessories to help engineers meet mil-standard requirements including humidity indicators, observation windows, document storage tubes, and access ports.

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Why Choose Stratotech

Stratotech is dedicated to on-time delivery and 100% compliance. We have earned a reputation as being a reliable source for the highest quality components, delivered in a fraction of the time, and at a competitive price.

Engineer Owned

We understand what our customers need and how to get your project to the finish line! Our owners were shipping container designers before forming Stratotech giving them a unique customer-centric perspective.

Shorter Lead Times

Standard products are normally in stock and can be shipped next day. Even non-stock items and custom designs can be turned around quickly thanks to efficient workflows and a reliable supply chain.

Customer Service

Quick, transparent communication is what we’re all about. Give us a call or send us an email and we will jump through hoops to get you the information you need.


Our #1 goal is to deliver compliant product on or before the due date for every order, whether big or small. If you are looking to strengthen your supply chain with suppliers who make it easy to meet your customers’ goals, you’ve come to the right place.

ISO 9001, AS9100, and HUBZone Certifications

Stratotech maintains a quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100.

Stratotech is also a certified HUBZone business, helping our customers meet their HUBZone contractual requirements.

Value Added Services

Rapid Prototyping

3D printing and in-house spring and gasket fabrication allows us to iterate custom designs and bring new products to production quickly

Custom Branding

For a more integrated look in your product, replace standard Stratotech branding and/or part number with yours

Laser Marking

With our in-house fiber laser marking machine, we can mark your product with your logo, part number, lot number, or even barcodes

Conformance Testing

Our valves are 100% tested for conformance to the specifications. Nothing leaves our facility unless it meets the requirements

Flow Testing

Using our in-house flow bench with a 1,000 CFM capacity, we can generate flow curves (flow rate vs. differential pressure) of most of our products

Quality Assurance

Quality Management System certified to AS9100D/ISO9001:2015

Made in the USA

All of our products are made under one roof in Grants Pass, Oregon. We are obsessed with the little details and take great pride in our work.

What is a Two-Way Pressure Relief Valve (aka Breather Valve)?

  • A breather valve is a two-way pressure relief valve that is used to automatically equalize both positive and negative pressures in any sealed shipping container, enclosure, or vessel. These pressure may result from changes in temperature, barometric pressure, or elevation during transport or storage.
  • Stratotech was started to produce the best performing breather valve on the market. We recognized the need for a valve that opened consistently at the desired pressure, no matter how low, and reached a high flow rate quickly. Our valves also reseal reliably maintaining a solid defense against the elements.
  • Breather valves normally include a press-button, manual relief feature to allow the internal pressure to be equalized so that the user can easily and safely open a door or cover.
  • All of our pressure relief valves are 100% tested in both directions for cracking pressure and reseal pressure.
  • While the term breather valve refers to a two-way valve, we also offer one-way pressure or vacuum relief valves when two-way relief is not necessary or desired.

Rapid Decompression Requirements?

  • If your container or enclosure is being shipped by military aircraft, you may need to provide provisions to relief pressure in the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure.
  • Our one-way pressure relief valves are the perfect solution for Rapid Decompression requirements.
  • Resealable pressure relief valves are a better solution than one-time use explosion vents, also known as burst panels/discs, because they are less susceptible to damage and can be used to relief pressure many times during their life.
  • A two-way breather valve can double as a Rapid Decompression device if the flow rate is sufficient for your container volume.
  • Contact us with the dimensions of your enclosure to find out how we can help you meet your specific requirements.

Industry Applications

Shipping Containers & Transit Cases

Hermetically sealed shipping containers require a two-way breather valve, like the BV1010, BV2000, or BV4000, to equalize pressure changes that occur during transport and storage. If Rapid Decompression provisions are required for air transport, one-way pressure relief valves like the PR5002 or PR2001 can be used in addition to a breather valve.

Two-Way Valves  One-Way Valves


We have developed several custom valves for use in advanced defense systems. These valves are often very small in size and require precise pressure control. Some examples of these valves are the BV1011 and the BV1012.

Two-Way Valves

Industrial 3D Printers & Environmental Chambers

Our valves are used in industrial metal 3D printers to protect sensitive components from damage due to over-pressurization. Either two-way or one-way valves can be used depending on the specific application. The BV2000 and BV4000 are well-suited for this application, among various one-way pressure relief valves.

Two-Way Valves  One-Way Valves

Shelters & Enclosures

Stratotech breather valves have been used in military shelters for decades. These valves generally operate at or around 1.0 inch of water pressure and aid in the opening and closing of doors, and help to protect the enclosure structure during air transport.

Two-Way Valves

Clean Air Purge Systems

One-way pressure relief valves such as our PR2001 or PR2002 are used in enclosures with purge systems to help maintain a positive pressure and protect against overpressurization.

One-Way Valves

Data Centers

One-way pressure relief valves such as our PR2001, PR5002, or PR5005 can be used to relieve pressure in tanks found in data center cooling systems.

One-Way Valves